Welcome to OAZIA, a sanctuary of luxury living on the magical island of Bali. OAZIA Spa Villas is an opulent, designer lifestyle resort that is private and special. With only 3 villas, our guests enjoy a richness of feeling and comfort here that is often felt in your own home. OAZIA embodies the concept of SPA LIVING – the philosophy of having balance in all areas of one's life. Our intent is for every guest at OAZIA to have the opportunity to completely rejuvenate mind, body and soul, by means of personal development programs and holistic therapies.

Whatever inspires you to learn more about yourself, whether it be learning to draw, to write or even to surf, here at OAZIA we have created a haven where all can be realized.

We offer an extensive range of activities both holistic and adventurous. Allow us to tailor a complete agenda to suit whatever dream you want to follow