The phases of the moon influence the ebb and flow of the Earth's oceans. Like the oceans, our bodies are also influenced by the phases of the moon. Energies wax and wane in rhythms similar to those of the ocean. At times we need stillness, at others great waves of energy engulf us and inspire us to be out going and active.
The Balinese pay a great deal of attention to the phases of the moon and it is through this understanding that OAZIA has developed a full phase of lunar energy treatments.
By tuning into your own rhythms you can sense if your body is aligned to the moon's phases. The treatment that is right for you, the one that feels the most appropriate, may not be the current phase of the moon but this is not significant. This can be because as a 'civilization' we have moved beyond our natural connection to the physical universe. So chose the treatment that 'feels' the best and slowly realign your 'self' to the natural planetary cycles.

TILEM - Nurture of the Dark Moon
120 minutes
"An excellent treatment to take when the body needs retreat and the moon is dark. Healing during Tilem can support the core inner strength of the body to make changes both physically and emotionally. It is a time for concentrated perception and self-awareness where the focus of the mind can be inward. Tilem is a time to attend to the soothing of the spirit, working out internal struggles between the conscious and subconscious mind and seeking harmony and balanced flow between the inner and outer psyche".
It begins with a four hand Balinese massage where the two-person rhythm imparts a feeling of support and nurture. Following the massage a fresh fruit body mask is applied that plumps the skin and gives a it rejuvenating glow through a final exfoliating scrub with black pepper and sesame seeds.
IDR 900.000

PURNAMA – The Light of the Full Moon
120 minutes
"The ancients of all cultures recognized the power of the full moon, the energy around full moon time is often felt as creative and alive, faster and more connected. The full moon can be a time to lose yourself in activities that revitalize the spirit.
Healing at full moon can be strong, the body can be encouraged to release stress in an energetic way that empties the body of negative energies, old thoughts, strains and physical stresses while replenishing with positive and directed thoughts of wholeness and the ability to be at one with the self".
An Oazia Contour massage combining techniques to boost the lymph system, and improve blood circulation is given with a beautiful oil blend of Balinese flowers. After the 90 minute massage the body scrub is applied made from the fresh zests of grapefruit and lime pounded with raw Karangasem sea salts and mixed with Virgin Coconut oil this body scrub cleanses and nourishes the skin simultaneously.
IDR 750.000

BULAN PENGELONG - The Richness of growing moon
120 minutes
"When the moon enlarges our energies expand. We can feel like dancing and singing, even on our own - this treatment celebrates the creative urges within us."
Oazia recovery massage is used to release tension through intuitive touch. Following the massage the body is painted with a combination of milk, honey and aloe vera gel, then covered in a towel and warming blanket. While the body rests and absorbs the live honey a head massage is given to maintain focus. Warm lava stones are placed at chakra points giving the body areas of stimulation and energy balancing.
IDR 700.000

BULAN PENANGAL – The Harmony of cleansing moon
"When the moon becomes smaller the energies at times feel low and it is possible to feel fragile or sensitive. This treatment is perfect to create harmony within".
An invigorating Balinese massage is given with particular attention to hidden stress. After the 60-minute massage the body is wrapped in mineral rich seaweed that is absorbed into the skin under a wrap of warm towels infused with cleansing peppermint oil and a gentle pressure is applied to the shoulders, arms and legs to encourage relaxation and focus.
IDR 700.000