Holistic menu

3.5 hours
• 60 minute private holistic consultation with Elisa Senese
• 30 minute guided meditation
• Light lunch – salad and health drink
• 90 minute recommended healing session
IDR 4.500.000

6 hours
• 60 minute private yoga
• 60 minute private holistic consultation with Elisa Senese
• 30 minute guided meditation
• Gourmet spa lunch – a choice of spa dishes and health drinks
• 60 minute recommended healing session
• 90 minute holistic rejuvenation
IDR 7.500.000

Holistic - Balance of body-mind-soul

The essence of natural medicine and holistic health is to attain a balance of our body, mind, emotions and Soul energies. Holistic therapies are designed to bring out the best in your inner self and to promote overall wellbeing. The emphasis is on creating a harmonious balance within. There are many paths and journeys to releasing and healing. Some might feel great benefits from receiving treatments involving deep touch, while others respond very well to energy work or elements like water and sound. Balance starts from within and is reflected in your outer world. You'll experience wonderful and permanent benefits from releasing holding patterns and old programming which will without a doubt reflect in your outer world.

The body holds many memories that potentially want to be released. Holistic medicine goes to the core of our being and brings our issues to the surface; sometimes we might relive this issue for a short time before we permanently release it. At other times the issue is psychological, an energetic blockage or an emotional or physical trauma. All can be released through any of our Etheric layers, depending on the individual. As we start the journey of releasing old and limiting habits, addictions, thought patterns, emotional imbalances, and spiritual blockages, we will effortlessly transform into a more harmonious and authentic human being.

The true wisdom of healing lies within every person. The therapist is merely a channel of information for you to receive the knowledge that is needed for your own healing.

All healing arts treatments have to be booked one day in advance.

Healing Arts

To find out which of the healing modalities are right for you at the moment, to ask questions that have been keeping you sleepless for years, to get advice on exercise, diet, yoga practice, emotional and psychological issues we highly recommend to start your healing experience with one or both of these private consultations.

Holistic Lifestyle consultation
75 minutes
Lifestyle is a collection of habits that we incorporate into our lives often without evaluation. It concerns one's work-life balance, rest, hours of sleep, exercise, nutrition, sexuality, stress level and use of muscle groups. Lifestyle is also about self-care, body awareness and belief systems. Living in balance in any of the above areas brings health into one's life, but living out of balance (too little or too much) can bring on dis-ease.

This individual consultation with Elisa Senese will explore both physical and emotional sides of your life that need balancing, you will be recommended the right healing modality and lifestyle changes if needed.
IDR 1.600.000

Cranio Sacral therapy
75 minutes
A gentle hands-on method of healing that revitalizes life force energy and redirects its course. This therapy focuses on releasing accumulated stress and trauma from the central nervous system through balancing and enhancing the functioning of the physiological body system.
IDR 1.600.000

CranioSacral head/neck/shoulder Release
75 minutes
This is a specialized craniosacral session to release deep tension in your head, neck and shoulders. The stress of every day modern life usually sits in these areas of the body. A single session may be enough to release the chronic tension caused by stress.
IDR 1.600.000

New Energy healing
75 minutes
Renew your energy levels in this transforming experience to deeply replenish the mind, emotions, body and soul. This healing session is designed to approach your individual issues drawing upon a combination of healing modalities. Quantum methods are used for unblocking the vital energy flowing through our bodies.
IDR 1.600.000

Holistic Facial Rejuvenation
75 minutes
The facial-rejuvenation therapy consists of compassionate and heart-centered healing touch of slow movement massage and facial acupressure, which integrates controlled breathing to release tension from the neuromuscular parts of the face, head and neck. The results of the facial-rejuvenation therapy are immediate – you shine!
IDR 1.800.000

Aqua Flow therapy
75 minutes
Gentle, nurturing WATSU healing practiced in the egg-shaped salt water WATSU pool. You'll find yourself transported to a blissful state of deep meditation. It is a unique tool for clearing the mind and experiencing a weightless meditation through floating movements. The most powerful healing experience!
IDR 2.500.000

Healing body work

Deep Tissue Matrix Healing
120 minutes
Activates the body's cellular intelligence to release muscular patterning, stored memories and traumas. This Deep Tissue Massage and unique techniques of matrix healing creates a body with the benefit of improving your posture and release toxins in the body.
IDR 1.700.000